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What AppGMS provides is a fully integrated front end web ordering module that is linked to a back office stock management system. This system provides the ability to upload stock information automatically, including garment specification and images, to the web site and download orders for processing through to invoice.

For suppliers who provide a finishing and embroidery service as well as Manpack, where the online order is taken for an individual employee and processed through to dispatch as one employee uniform kit, There is the added problem of managing multiple design processing of logos, tax tabs, etc, with their relevant positioning and image data onto worksheets for finishing, and personalisation to add badges before the uniform can be dispatched. All of this processing costing valuable administration time if not automated. This is where AppGMS really scores.

For suppliers who offer a bulk order service the ability for customers and sales agents to be able to place bulk orders as a size colour matrix display, AppGMS presents a bespoke catalogue of items particular to each customer, and allows rapid order entry and confirmation including any special instructions and multi point delivery options.

AppGMS can consolidate multiple employee and depot deliveries onto monthly consolidated invoices this means a quicker turnaround of billing and payments often recovering at least two months of invoice value over manual methods. So AppGMS will certainly bring benefits to your company, but if you want to sell this new Managed Garment or Bulk Ordering service to your customers, they have to benefit too.